Thinking About Buying A Home?

WoW! Where should you begin? You’ve heard that interest rates are extremely low and now is a great time to buy. There are a lot of things that go into buying a home, but would you expect less when you are about to make a multi-thousand dollar purchase?

Some people think you just need to go find a home on Zillow, call about it and then buy it. Really? If only it was that simple. I am a REALTOR® and I actually do get calls sometimes on home I have listed for sale, from people who have decided to buy and saw my sign, so they thought they would just call and if they like it, make an offer to buy it. You laugh? it has happened and more often then I would have thought possible. BUT, having said that, much of my focus and interest is in helping first time homebuyers navigate the whole complicated home buying process. There actually is quite a bit that goes into it.

First – find an agent. Not just any agent and certainly not the one off the sign sitting in front of the home you drove by and got excited about. Did I mention I am available? And even if you don’t live in what I claim as my territory, I can still help you find a reputable REALTOR® anywhere else in Georgia or the USA for that matter. I normally work in Henry County and Clayton County, since I live in Henry, but I also work Butts, Spalding, Fayette, Coweta, Rockdale, Newton, and Dekalb Counties regularly. All are within about a 30-50 minute drive from my house. I am not opposed to working in other counties in and around Atlanta, but I will. I have a network of other agents I would trust with your business though, on a referral basis if I thought they could be more responsive to you because of the distance from my home where you are looking.

Well, I have been working with a publisher to provide buyers with some insights into the home buying process and just published a new digital book last week. I want to make it available to anyone thinking about buying anytime soon. It is geared towards first time home buyers, but I know veteran home buyers will find some of it of interest. After all, unless you are an active investor, it has probably been years since you last bought a home. Add to that the fact that the laws and regulations governing home purchases changes annually, and if you don’t have an agent who is willing to take the time to keep their real estate training up-to-date, you could find yourself making a costly mistake.

If you want a copy of my digital book, How to Navigate the Home Buying Process just click on the title. It is free after all.

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Why use a closing attorney?

Today we interviewed a great closing attorney, Brad Legare, with Weissman Law. We based our questions off of the those we have gotten from our clients and from inquiries on facebook, instagram and the like. If you didn’t find the answer to YOUR questions in this video link, drop either myself or Greta a line and tell us what burning question you have so we can get it answered for you. The thing is, if you have a question on your mind, it is likely there are others who also wonder the same thing but are afraid to ask! So help them out.

Watch our video interview of closing attorney Brad Legare.


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Time to Winterize Your Home


Do this before winter.


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Organize and Save Your Food for the Future and your Health

I was looking at a number of postings about getting organized for a move. I have posted on this topic in the past. It is funny to me how different ideas piggy back or morph into other topics, similar but different. This a an organizing topic that is one of those. This is organizing for a healthier lifestyle, enjoying a new hobby, getting back to your roots, storing for the move or however you want to look at it type topic. Anyway, I found this video fascinating and have already ordered her first of three books. I also now subscribe to her blog. One of these days when I retire, I hope to have a little farm, a little garden and a cellar full of canned goods. Perhaps if I learn to can now, it will come easier later.  Who knows, I may turn my canning efforts into home-made closing gifts for my clients as a special thank you for selecting me to represent them.

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Creativity Part Three

Here is the third and final video in the Salvaging Creativity series I have been sharing each Saturday. I hope it inspires you do to more in your community to promote beauty and community pride.


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Creativity Part Two

Carrying on from last week’s post, here is the second of three installments of the Salvaging Creativity videos. By the way, if you aren’t on the mailing list for my magazine which is published every other month and you would like to see one, email your name and mailing address to me at and I will happily add you to my list of recipients.


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Creativity Part One

I decided to digress from my normal Blog discussing a moving topic and talk about creativity a bit. It always amazes me when I take buyer-clients into completely empty houses and they stand and decorate it in their minds. Of course this is what every Realtor wants. We want you see your belongings in the house; see you turn the empty space into your Home. If we don’t see that happening, it means the house is just a house and we will have to go on to see the next one. It takes a certain amount of creativity to fill an empty house in your mind. I struggle with it sometimes. As a result, I find I admire truly creative people, so when I saw this video, it inspired me to do better at “seeing” beautiful things around me where before they would go unnoticed. I hope you enjoy it as I did.


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Be eco- and budget-friendly. Make your own cleaning supplies.

pexels-photo-66346  Whether you’re looking for greener ways to clean your home or you just want to save money at the store, there are simple household cleaning products you can make on your own. Use the recipes, tips and precautions below to help you get started.  Read more….

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Landscape for Security

pexels-photo-69428    In 2014, just over 1.7 million individuals fell victim to burglary according to the FBI. Sometimes deadbolts and alarm systems just aren’t enough to deter thieves. But there are outdoor security measures you can take to prevent property loss at the hands of a burglar. Here are 10 ways you can help protect your home with a well-planned landscape design:  Read more….

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Fixer-upper or Move-in Ready?

Shows like HGTV’s “Fixer Upper” have popularized the idea of buying and renovating the worst house on the best block. Homes that need major remodeling, however, aren’t for everyone. Sometimes a move-in ready house is a better option. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned investor, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of each. Read more……..

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