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I wanted to start by telling you a little about myself so you can understand how I can be an exceptional real estate agent for you. I grew up with a strong sense of purpose, a desire to help others, and a love of my country, which I still hold dear today because of my family. My father was a career Army man and I was what is termed an “Army Brat.” I’m not sure where that term came from, as I don’t think I was much of a brat. I was pretty much a quiet, respectful child, calling my Elders “Sir” and “Ma’am” when addressed. I may have gotten into a little mischief here and there, like the time I dumped all my neighbor’s pots and pans on the floor so I could hide under their kitchen cabinet when playing hide-and-seek, but I never recall doing anything mean or destructive on purpose.


As I mentioned before, my family is what has pushed me to be who I am. Being raised in a military home, my Mother was my very best friend my whole life, but sadly left this world a few years ago. I think of her every day. When I was fourteen, I lost my brother, Bob, in Vietnam and that loss affected our whole family in ways that we will never recover from. But before going to Vietnam, Bob was in Korea and laid the foundation for the adoption of my little sister, MaryAnne, whom I love dearly and wish I were able to see more often. Jim, my other brother and I are also close friends even though we live in different states. I guess because of the way we were raised, everyone in my family picks up and moves periodically and we are now spread out across the US.


From a young age, I knew I was going to join the Army and follow in my Father’s footsteps, just as my two older brothers did. The day after I graduated from college and had to turn in my dependent’s ID, I was issued an active duty ID. I served 14 years on active duty and then entered the reserves as an IMA. When I left active duty, it was because my knees had taken all the abuse they could and not because I was unhappy in the military. I liked the lifestyle, the travel and the fact that you met great people who became friends forever. I spent some time working for Barton Protective Services, which is a private security company. I worked for the Atlanta Olympic Games Committee for the Atlanta 1996 games, and then as a contractor for several different companies providing support to the US Department of Justice International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program, primarily in the former Yugoslavian countries of Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina following the end of their civil war.


I can’t even venture to say how many states and countries I have lived in or visited. I have owned homes in several US states and rented homes and apartments in Europe. I have moved – a lot. I have never found the experience to be overly easy and each time was marked by different challenges. I’ve moved three times and owned three homes in Georgia alone, since I retired from the Army. One of the reasons I decided to become a realtor was to be able to help others through the process. It can be confusing. It can be terrifying for someone who has not done it before. Trying to understand the options available to the first time buyers can be daunting. Trying to prepare a home for sale can be frustrating. And trying to rent a home and manage it yourself can be a nightmare depending on your renter. Because of my experiences buying and selling homes, I started out just wanting to know more about the real estate business for myself. But learning about all the laws, forms, relationships, types of real estate, people involved, lenders, inspectors, appraisers, attorneys, marketing, etc., opened a new world to me. I decided to enter the Real Estate field and apply my newfound knowledge to easing the way for others. After all, I grew up with a strong sense of purpose, a desire to help others, and a love of my country, which I still hold dear today.


So why am I telling you all this? I want to be your advocate, your assistant, and your guide through the next great adventure in your life as you buy, sell, or rent your new home. I want to help you make the best-informed decisions possible. I want take the mystery out of buying or selling your home. I want to create a pleasant Real Estate experience for you that will make you want to refer your friends, family and colleagues to me so I can do the same for them. I am here. I am ready. Call, text or email me.

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