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Moving for the Holidays


I was listening to the radio on the way home yesterday and they were listing the stress triggers of the holiday season. It included financial issues, family problems, health problems, family visiting for an extended vacation, traveling, and making your home holiday picture perfect. Those are all very valid stresses when it comes to the holiday season because we all long to enjoy every minute of our time off of work and school and truly want everything to go perfectly as we are spending time with our loved ones.

So can you imagine if someone (Aka YOU) were to move during this holiday season?

Some of you are already saying, “YES I CAN IMAGINE! HELP!”

Moving is stressful all on its own, not considering during the holiday season, when we are supposed to hunker down for the winter, gather around our fires with our loved ones and have decorations up.

Well that is what we all try to envision anyway, but that does not always happen, especially if we are in the process of moving. It is especially difficult to bring joy to your children while you are not at home and it is hard when you have to switch up family traditions because you are not in your own home.

The One Step Holiday Season Survival Guide:

Keep it simple. It doesn’t matter how much you have decorated, how many presents are under the tree, how much food you have prepared. Being together is all that matters. Remove the stress for a day and be creative with your family. Create a new tradition, become minimalist for a day, enjoy the outside and go to a park to play with the kids and pack a picnic. Do not be so dependent on a stationary house, but find something for the family to do elsewhere while you are in transition mode with boxes everywhere or in a Uhaul.

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NEW! Holiday Recipes Pinterest Board!

pumpkin pieAlong with this magical holiday season is the beautiful times together with family and friends, cooking together, eating together, and laughing together. Many families have holiday traditions that involve cooking and/or baking together because there is just something about everyone gathering around a table to prepare food or devour it that brings everyone together and allows us to enjoy the holidays a lot more. Because of this, we have added a new board on Pinterest called Holiday Recipes, for you to follow, repin, try out, and enjoy with your loved ones. Pay attention to all of the pumpkin flavored desserts for Thanksgiving and the peppermint goodies for December!

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Shop until you Drop in Henry County, Ga


Henry County as been developing so much in the past 5-10 years. So many new places to shop and eat have been brought in and been bringing in more people into Henry County which has greatly grown the economy here. That is so great for us in this upcoming holiday season. This means we do not have to travel as far (or at all with the help of the internet) in order to do our holiday shopping. Now that in the past 3 years Thanksgiving has been taken over by Black Friday and early shoppers, Black Friday “pre-shopping” has begun too. Some stores have found a way to give out tickets to open the store during off hours to have a select number of shoppers in while no one else is there and to have the same deals on the current merchandise. Many deals and sales are already occurring to help stores be able to sell more, keep inventory in, and lessen the Black Friday Craze. We all know that the Kohls, JcPenny, Academy, Hobby Lobby shopping mall, as well as Tanger Outlet, and the Target shopping area off of exit 221 will be hit hard by people from all over the Metro Atlanta area. So why shouldn’t we be wise pre-shoppers too? Some of us just enjoy pushing through the crowds for a good deal, its the experience that drives us, and for others they simply want the deal and not the chaos. Either way, there is one place we can go and see all the deals, current, upcoming, online, and in store. That place is They have listed any store you can think of to have a Black Friday sale and pages upon pages of deals. You can get alerts and newsletters on the new items being offered and you can go ahead and order some items once you create a login. It is finally all in one place. You can successfully plan where you need to be when before Thanksgiving so you can enjoy the day with your family before everyone starts to get in line for the 6 PM and Midnight sales begin.  You will already have a plan. You can divide, conquer, and buy.

Shop until you Drop. Make Henry County, Ga your home, for Thanksgiving and Black Friday.


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Why Remodel when I am about to Make The Move?


Remodeling is a tedious and possibly expensive task depending on what is being changed in your house. I, personally have seen many remodels in my own home including: raising the kitchen ceiling, removing walls, adding on a closed in back porch, putting down hard wood floors, recarpeting, repainting, building fireplace hearth, etc. All of this to make our home more enjoyable and this also increases the value of the home. Two of the same reasons why remodeling is good for you too, remodeling will help potential buyers enjoy the house more and it will increase the value of your home. There are so many different ways to remodel, big and small, to make the house you are selling more appealing to the buyers. Sometimes, a simple paint job will do along with a deep cleaning of floors, other times, the kitchen needs to be renewed with cabinets and counter tops. It is all up to the seller, how much they are willing to invest into the house and what is suggested by the buyer. There can also be a negotiation between you, the seller, and the buyer, with finances, in knocking off an $X amount of the house’s price or fees to allow room for remodeling. Whatever the decision created, remodeling or freshening up the house in order to sell it is typically a priority for the buyer if it is needed in their future home. It is in the Seller’s best interest to check on prices of contractors in the area that have the ability and the skills to accomplish the remodeling, usually your realtor will have contacts and referrals to give you.

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Your Child’s Educational Move


As a parent, moving your child into a new school district, new school, and new classroom is one of the most difficult things to do. You are pulling your child out of their familiar surroundings and into a scary, uncharted territory and you have no idea how this will impact them. This is why it is so important to know where your options for your child’s school system and there are plenty of resources to allow you to get to know the school system and what opportunities your child has in this wonderful new place! As we are based in Henry County and are Making Henry our Home I will take you on a tour through Henry County Schools web page by highlighting a few major features I see on the first web page followed by some needed to know information and helpful links to save you time and research.

On the Henry County Schools Homepage, the first item I see to date is a forum for Stopping Human Trafficking. This is such a large issue and for Henry County Schools to not only keep aware of the issue, but bring it to light for you as parents in the community and to create a public awareness. For a school district to show such compassion on a heartbreaking issue speaks volumes and concern for your children. The second item I see is the school calendar for the current year and even the 2016-2017 school year that has been approved. This shows organization, planning, and consideration for the county’s faculty and staff, as well as the parents and students. The third item viewed are the school session times for elementary, middle, and high school students which is excellent for you to know so you can be aware of transportation needs: if you need your children to take the bus, what times your children need to be taken to school, or to plan a carpool system with family or neighbors. The Homepage also lists so much needed to know information such as if there are dates coming up that you child does not have school and highlighting education professionals that deserve an acknowledgement for their hard work and compassion for their students.

In the upper left hand corner of the Henry County School Homepage is a scroll down menu that allows you to look at any school in the county and see what is going on at the school and any personalized information you might be looking for in order to make a better decision about selecting a home in a specific school zone.

On the column of links in the right hand section of the homepage are many links to make your research easier, even including how to enroll, enrollment zones, after school information, lunch information, etc. The website is so user friendly and allows busy parents such as yourself to save time and easily access what information you need.

There is also a map available to show you what school is located where in Henry county and  how close they are to other schools (Is the elementary, middle, and high right next to each other or will they be far apart if you have multiple children throughout grade levels?). I have provided the link to this in the list of links below.

I hope this post helped break down Henry County Schools for you, that you would make a great decision for your children for their education, and that you receive a great experience in Making Henry your Home as we have with Susan Carroll at BHHS Georgia.

Here are the links that I discussed:

Stop Human Trafficking- A Public Forum

2016-2017 School Calendar

Henry County Schools Map

Henry County Schools Homepage

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Making Henry our Home


Henry County is a beautiful, economically thriving, community oriented place that is centered around its residents. It is less than 40 miles south of Atlanta and the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, giving it a good foundation of public transportation availability, nice restaurants, inside and outside shopping malls, and plenty of entertainment venues. The homes here are beautiful and the community is close-knit, having fall festivals, Christmas light events, running events, festivals, parades, concerts, holiday services etc. hosted at the Atlanta Motor Speedway just out of the historical small city of Hampton and on the McDonough Square throughout the year. Henry County even contains Lake Spivey; a beautifully scenic lake community. Being apart of the old Confederacy, Georgia including Henry county has many historical sites including Nash Farm, the The original 1830’s Courthouse, 1920’s Welcome Center, renovated Old Jail, and many historic houses and properties that reflect our part in the Civil War.

Having a diverse culture and collection of people from all generations, Henry County has the genuine ability to make anyone feel welcome at any time. The different gatherings and attractions make it easy to get involved in the community and allow so many different ways to help those in need. There are always food drives going on, turkey donations, Christmas shoe boxes, feeding the homeless, celebrating Veterans, etc. that drive the community together and create something for everyone to do and enjoy.

Why am I telling you this? Because I want you to experience all that Henry County has to offer! Come join us in Making Henry our Home! If you already live here, appreciate it more and get more involved, if you do not live here, research our beloved county, and come visit or even better move here!

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Declutter for Christmas!


Christmas!?! Yes that is right! We are a little less than two months away! Now is the time to begin “decluttering” for it because we all know how fast the holiday season flies by. By the time everyone gets out of school, flies in or out of town to see family, all the things we “think” we are going to get to in the house drift to the back of our minds. So the end of October is the perfect time to prioritize what needs to be done before the crazy season hits! We all know that for some of us it is easy to plan and for others it is easy to do. All I can do here is help you plan and prioritize what may need to be done in your home for the Holidays. So here are a few steps to declutter and be ready to celebrate a beautiful holiday season with your family!

  1. Switch out decor from Fall to Winter!
  2. Get rid of any unwanted items to make room for the new if you celebrate gift swapping or giving. This might be things of your own, getting rid of unused toys, downgrading on all of the decor, etc.
  3. Create hiding holes! If you have kids or celebrate holidays at your house create hiding places for gift receivers so they cannot find what you are giving them.
  4. Clean out a closet for coats or set out a coat holder, this winter in Henry County is going to be a cold one!
  5. Make things childproof if you have company. Do not put ornaments on the bottom of your Christmas tree. Make sure any decor is not glass, candles are out of reach, and nothing breakable is in reaching distance from little arms.
  6. Deep clean! You know what this consists of.

Writing things down in a checklist form makes us more prone to doing it. Create your own personalized list and put it somewhere you see it each day to motivate yourself.

If you are in the middle of making The Move during these next two or three months do not worry! We are going to feature a Moving for the Holidays segment that will give you tips on how to “survive” during a stressful time such as The Move yet still enjoy your house as you are packing up to settle in somewhere new.

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What Do I Need in a Home?

Tough Decisions Ahead Road Sign

The hardest decisions we have to make are those that require our minds alone, no feedback, no one else’s opinions. Purchasing a home for you and your family is included in a difficult decision. Everyone wonders what will happen if you make a wrong decision. How will it impact your future? Your family? All of the home buying decisions are very, very, important, but  adding more stress to them only makes the decision making harder. Thought, time, research, and planning are the key. This is one of the reasons why having an Real Estate Agent is so important. They are there as an outside perspective, to oversee, to encourage, to research, to be there if you have questions. Real Estate Agents are your home buying and selling confidant and conscience in this respect.

So just like in Tuesday’s blog about selling the home we are going to answer some of the same questions but in reverse order.

First, take a look back at my post called “Preparing for The Move” on August 24th, 2015. Those questions all need to be considered with great thought.

Second, think about your lifestyle. What stage of life are you in? Are you moving by yourself, with kids, hoping to have roommates, or are you a newlywed, newly retired? The differences in who you will be living with changes so much about the floor plan, the room type needs, the style of the home, the yard, etc.

Let’s start with the simple questions:

How many bedrooms and baths?

How many levels do you want your home to have?

How much closet space do you need?

Are you a cook or chef; professionally or do you just enjoy it?

What size laundry room do you need or want? On what floor would you prefer it?

Do you need office space, a “special room” such as a library, practice space for instruments, exercise room, etc.?

Do you need a shop or work space not attached to the house?

Do you want an enclosed garage or a car port? How many vehicles do you need space for?

How much property do you want? Do kids need room to play? Do you have pets that need room to run?

What is different about you that means you have different needs or wants that other people might not have?

Location is also a very large factor. Take a look at “Location, Location, Location” from September 8th, 2015 to get questions you need to think about in that area of buying a home.

Third, as you consider your wants and needs in a home, realize your Realtor will do their best in making sure you have the most off of your checklist, but sometimes, especially if you are geographically bound, not every need or want cane be met. So make sure you prioritize what is most important and stress those 3-5 things. Talk through all of them with your Realtor, with their research abilities and referrals, they can dig deeper to try and find your dream home.

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Open House or For Sale Ready?

For Sale by Susan Carroll

For Sale by Susan Carroll with BHHS

This particular home was the property of Stanley and Kim, that was sold by Susan Carroll just a few months ago. They particularly viewed the declutter stage of their home as a nuisance and a very stressful process. While this may be the case, there are steps we can take to make the process easier and less stressful than this couple made it out to be. The biggest mistake that Stanley and Kim made is that they looked at their entire house in all of its chaos. That is what we want to do if we want to become stressed. To combat this stress, get out a wall calendar and begin planning what room will be tackled when. Create a plan and go day by day. The more little things you begin to do, the less big things you have left to do. Now is also a great time for you and your family to go through all of your belongings and decide what you are getting rid of and what is coming with you to your new home. This can allow you to slowly start packing as well.

Selling your home, whether you are having an open house or not, is a mind change. You are transitioning from having a home, to selling it, to buying a new one. So the first major transition is one of the mind and heart, transitioning them from your current home to being just a house. So, walk around your home as it currently is. Yes get up and walk around, reminisce all the memories that were made, all the laughter and tears that occurred there. We know your home has emotional and intrinsic value to you. Now your value has to shift to somewhere new. So from this day forward you need to say goodbye. If you sell this home like it is your own flesh the process will be so much harder to let it go. So this is no longer your home, this is the property you have up for sale. With this being said, the declutter process that is essential for open house and the selling process is going around and taking all personal items down and out. Whether that is family pictures, kid’s artwork on the fridge, memorabilia from graduations, weddings, anniversaries etc., anything that says anything about you, your personal beliefs, or political beliefs. This is because you need to allow potential buyers to be able to see themselves in the home as they are walking around, not you and your family in it.

Ask yourself: what stage of your life did you buy this house in? Have you outgrown it? What type of lifestyle does the house you are selling cater to? What kind of lifestyle does the neighborhood cater to? Identify who you are selling your house to and see what changes you need to make to update it to fit that generation or type of potential buyers.

The main thing about selling your house is transferring from “mine and ours” to “your and theirs.” The Buyers need room to “move in” mentally and emotionally before they do physically. Do not do as Stanley and Kim did and get overwhelmed. Set up a plan, get organized, and begin. The process goes a lot smoother if you have a checklist that you can see things getting done as you mark them off.

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DIY Fall Wreath

diy fall wreath

Fall has arrived! If you haven’t already decorated for it, then you better hurry before all of your friends and family come over for Thanksgiving. We all know how fast the time flies by. There are so many creative home makers out there… and guess what?? Now you can be one of them!

The original article on this specific wreath was created by Kenarry Ideas for the Home-How to Make a Burlap Wreath with Accent Ribbon.

We all know that burlap is in style, but you can use any two of your favorite ribbons with any material for this fun decorative craft. This wreath is so easy to do, it takes no expertise in using any cloth or tools, so there is no reason to feel insecure in your creative capabilities, and a perfectionist can create it to be however they would like it to be. This is a fun, easy, and simple wreath that will be admired by all!

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